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Amazonas Park Crete – Ag. Nikolaos

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Amazonas Park Crete – Ag. Nikolaos

Our tour starts from Amazonas Park, a private zoo in the northeast of the island of Crete. The focus of the zoo is the animals from South America, especially parrots and monkeys. There are also some domestic animals like donkeys and goats. It is a wonderful and unforgettable experience for a family with children, who will have the opportunity to feed monkeys and take a walk with them. There are lots of different species to observe in Amazonas Park. In many aviaries (large bird enclosures) you will see parrots from Latin America and cockatoos from Australia. One aviary in the Amazonas Park is particularly big, and in that aviary you will find the larger parrot species. In several parts of the zoo there are monkeys, most of them from Latin America and Madagascar. Probably the largest attraction in Amazonas Park is a very large enclosure with monkeys and goats. Visitors of the zoo can walk in. One monkey species is the well-known monkeys from Gibraltar (Barbary apes). They jump on the shoulders of the visitors, and if another person is nearby, they have the tendency to jump from person to person.

After this visit, we will enjoy a relaxing walk through the town of Agios Nikolaos, and we will visit the lake that connects the Fresh Water with the saltwater.

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