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Cooking Lessons (Based on Cretan cuisine)

Cretan traditional cuisine is a way of life. It is simple without extra spices or flavor enhancers but only with a great amount of imagination.

If you are interested in Cretan cuisine, Greek food or you just love cooking, we invite you to participate in the Cretan traditional cooking lessons that are hosted in our home, in a small, traditional village close to the town of Rethymno, in which we have been cooking for many, many years. At our garden, we cultivate organic vegetables and fruits for our needs. We like to take care of our land and produce our own olive oil. We cook, taste and share the magic of the traditional Cretan cuisine! Seasonal greens, herbs, fruits, wild greens, fresh milk, fresh meat and of course the gold of Cretan land, the olive oil. With these ingredients, we prepare the dishes which are based on recipes from our grandmothers and are part of the Cretans daily diet.

We wish to give friends of Crete the opportunity to experience our way of living and true traditional food, far from tourist attractions. The menu can be modified for our vegetarian guests. During the lesson, we will give you useful information regarding the Cretan diet. At the end of the lesson, we will make a gastronomic feast and through it you will enjoy all the dishes we have prepared together.


Important Notes:

  • Prior reservation is necessary
  • The minimum number of participants is 4 people
  • From 10.30 to 14:3

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